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Part of NAMI Virginia Programming

NAMI Rappahannock’s trained peer volunteers join others from across the state to provide an expanded  array of programs, always free.  Many are provided online and so are available from anywhere.  Watch for the Google translate icon in upper right corner if another language would help your research.

  • Formats include recurring support groups, educational courses and one-time presentations.

  • Targeted participant ages range from youth to seniors.

  • Targeted communities include military, ethnic, religious, and non-binary sexual orientation.

  • A few programs are conducted in Spanish; all others in English.

The current program list can be located and searched here:

Just fill in your desired search criteria in one or more boxes.  The results appear below automatically.  You can use the Export features to copy the information to your computer to review or print out.  To follow up with an individual affiliate, review the right-hand column or do a Google search online.

Also, here is a single-page printable list of the most popular programs with a brief description of each. Download Here.

NAMI Virginia also provides two on-going programs just for youth and their families:


These compliment the 50-minute multi-format program Ending the Silence offered by the NAMI Rappahannock affiliate to youth, families, and staff in the Rappahannock Region

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